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Rental Policies

Joy Corporate Rental utilizes a few guidelines in order to maximize the value and pleasure of our guests stays. These guidelines are rental house industry standards, and are meant to maximize the enjoyment of our guests and allow the greatest number of people to enjoy our properties, while at the same time protection for Joy Corporate Rental. Upon reserving, you will be provided with more specific information on your stay, which you must read, sign and return to us on arrival as evidence of your understanding of our policies.

Arrival Days and Times
You may arrive between 3 PM and 9:30 PM, so that we may personally greet you and show you the premises. If you are unable to arrive within that time, we may allow you to utilize a keypad combination for entry at latter arrival, however we will need to meet with you the following morning by 9:00 AM at the property for balance due, etc. Check-out by 10:30 AM. Earlier arrivals are fine if previous guests are gone and the house has been cleaned.

Rates are subject to availability and may change without notice. During major conventions and special events, high season rates may apply. See Amenities & Rates pages on this site for exact rates.

Accurate Guest Info
When you reserve or inquire, please provide us with accurate information about age and number of people in your party. Guests, who arrive with more than the specified number of people, will be charged with an extra fee, or may be turned away with no refund at the owner's discretion. We do not allow pets in any of our properties

You may reserve by cheque for 50% of the total amount of your stay, plus local taxes. Cheques must be received within 1 week in order to ensure your stay. Cheques must be made out "Joy Corporate Rental" and can be mailed to:

70 Park Street
Mississauga, Ontario
L5G 1M5

Joy Corporate Rental properties are smoke-free for the enjoyment and health of all of our guests. In addition, the use of candles, incense, the fireplaces, outdoor oil lamps, or any other type of flame on the property other than smoking outside and bar-b-q is expressly forbidden. If you smoke, please do not throw butts into the yard, ashtrays are provided. Evidence of smoking/other flame-producing items in the house will result in a fee detracted from your deposit.

Damage Deposits
For our clients there is refundable damage deposit of $1,000.00 is due on arrival. The deposit will be retuned to you in the last day of your stay if there is no: damage or missing items from the property, evidence of smoking inside, and/or undue cleaning measures needed. There is no additional cleaning fee unless guests have left the property in exceptionally bad condition.

Acceptable Condition of Property upon Departure
Guests are required to start 1 load of laundry without mixing whites and colors, clean all dishes, and put all bed and bath linens in laundry room. Excessive dirt such as large amounts of mud, dog hairs, etc. will result in a cleaning fee. For your convenience each house is provided with extra linens, detergent, vacuum, broom and cleaning supplies, if needed during your stay.

You must cancel at least three weeks before your reserved time in order to receive a full refund. At the owner's discretion, a future stay may be substituted. The last minute cancellations are not viable, as the time cannot typically be re-sold. All cancellations must be confirmed in writing. There are no refunds for poor weather conditions, early departure, health issues, war, or acts of God.

Age of Guests
Joy Corporate Rental naturally welcomes people of all types and ages. Groups of individual less than 25 years of age must be accompanied by at least 1 parent or someone who is clearly a mature guardian. Our homes are for the use of individuals, couples, friends and families to enjoy on business, vacation and some longer term scenarios, but we do not allow the use of the houses for 'partying'. Parents are responsible for the safety of their small children. Please note for our business clients any customers under the age of 25 will be allowed only if their company will be responsible for their employees, customers, and clients.

Respect your Neighbors
When staying, guests must not disturb their temporary neighbours with unreasonable noise or other activities, especially after 10 PM. Repeated instances by any of our guest during their stay may result in an early departure without refund.

Maintenance & Property Access
Joy Corporate Rental reserves the right to access out properties for routine maintenance between 7 AM & 8PM, for emergencies at any time, and to access our storage for supplies, tools, etc.

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